PF Registration

How can I register my PF account?

The employer needs to follow the below-mentioned steps:
Step 1: Register Organization with EPFO. Visit the website and register the organization with EPFO.
Step 2: Read the User Manual.
Step 3: Register On USSP….
Step 4: Fill Registration Form….
Step 5: Attach DSC.

How can I check my PF registration status?

Employees can also check the status of their claim by logging in to their UAN portal. The procedure to check the status of the claim is mentioned below: Initially, employees must visit the official website of EPFO (

When PF registration is mandatory?

REGISTRATION under EPF is compulsory: For every factory engaged in industry employing 20 or more employees. For every other establishment having 20 or more employees during previous year. For every employee who is getting less than INR 15000/- per month.

Who is not eligible for PF?

EPF eligibility criteria

If you are drawing a salary higher than Rs. 15,000 per month, you are termed a non-eligible employee and it is not mandatory for you to become a member of the EPF, although you can still register with the consent of your employer and approval from the Assistant PF Commissioner.